Excuse me, I think that’s the field…  (at ANZ Stadium Platinum Lounge)

Excuse me, I think that’s the field… (at ANZ Stadium Platinum Lounge)

Posted 2 months ago

Never be afraid to go for what you want. If you never ask the answer will always be no. If you never go for anything then you'll remain with nothing. Try your hardest even if you don't succeed. Some things take practise. Don't hold yourself back because of any doubts you have. Be the best you can possibly be and you can never fail. Always put 100% into everything you do. The will always be obstacles in your life, it takes courage and power to overcome them. Sometimes people will get in your way but you just have to forget about them. Empathise with others, try to understand their point of view. Their life may not be so different to yours. Never think that your life is worse off than other or think that you deserve to be treated better because you need it more. Everyone is going through something, everyone's lives are different no obstacle is greater than another. Most importantly, be yourself. There's nothing worse than trying to be something or someone you clearly aren't. No body wants to see a complete copy of another person. Pretending to be something or someone you're not makes you lose people respect, trust and mostly friendship. Don't take the dreams of others. God told us to "Love thy neighbour" and respect them too. Carry your head high. Make your own decisions. Be who you're meant to be. God gave you a life for a reason. Treat your body like a temple. Don't listen to what people say to you. Don't be afraid to say no. Don't be afraid to say yes. Go for everything you want. You deserve the best in your life. Try exotic foods. Bungee jump off of bridges. Travel to places you've not heard of. The world is your oyster. Be the very best you can be. Don't worry about being better than others. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone.